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Maximize Your Experience

How can I make the most out of my internship experience? Heading link

An internship allows students to experience what it is like to work in their desired field in a way that cannot be communicated by learning about it in class.

Adrian Delgado, Major: Philosophy  |  Internship Director, Fabbrini Law Group

Internship Showcase Heading link

Aggie recently graduated with an English major and during her last semesters worked as a Communications and Social Media Intern at Future Institute. Hear about her experience and advice she has for future interns!

Pioneering My Way as a Mental Performance Undergraduate Intern For a D-1 Baseball Program Heading link

As I stepped on the field for the very first time to attend my first practice as a “mental performance intern” I had no idea about the number of challenges that would rise before me. Self-doubt and imposter syndrome soared through my mind as I attempted to create an undergraduate student role that has never existed in the program’s history.

Travis Morales, Major: Applied Psychology l Mental Performance Intern, UIC Athletics

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Is internship experience essential? Heading link

After gaining a deeper understanding of my top 5 motivations during my internship, I was able to develop a deeper sense of connection to what is important to me in both my career and personal life. These motivations from TruMotivate helped guide me throughout my internship experience by exploring each of them in a work setting. I will unpack my top 5 motivations and their importance each one has had on my career readiness.

Yara Almaraz, Major: Integrated Health Studies l Health Coach Intern, Weight Control System

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Defining Success Heading link

“The advice I would give to others starting an internship is don’t be afraid to be wrong. No one knows everything when they are first starting out, and it is important to look at everything as a learning experience and be open to that. If you shut yourself out to learning and criticism because of fear you will have a hard time growing and moving forward. Also that no one but you, not even Google, can define what you think success is. In my opinion, it is a personal thing and will look different for everyone so do not get too caught up in comparing yourself to others.”

Alizha Vernon, Major: English l Social Media Intern, Do312

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#InternsMatter Heading link

“As interns, we help the organization with tasks and provide new insight to projects that a department has been looking at for an extensive amount of time.”

Ana Baca Milla, Majors: Psychology and English l Research and Evaluation Intern, After School Matters

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What I've Learned as an Intern Heading link

“Find out what success means to you, and find a way to achieve it.”

Christopher Porter, Major: Political Science l Financial Services Intern, Northwestern Mutual

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You Think You Have it Figured Out? Nope. Heading link

“Being an intern can be intimidating, especially if we do not have any prior professional experience or have been accustomed to professional settings. However, being humble and showing your peers and supervisors that you are there to learn can give you and them a chance to grow.”

Patricia Padilla, Major: Gender and Women’s Studies l Operations Manager, Keller Williams Chicago

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iEchale ganas! Give it your all! Heading link

“My internship is only one pebble to a whole journey ahead of me. My final piece of advice to give to a new intern will be this: Take a risk and see the opportunity that’s right in front of you. It’s never too late to gain some experience. And remember, iEchale ganas!”

Scarlett Quiroz, Major: Biological Sciences l Social Media Intern, L@s GANAS

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Advice to Future Interns Heading link

Learn about Tetiana’s internship in the Ukraine and advice she has for future interns!