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What Can I Do with My LAS Major?

There are a number of self-guided career exploration resources below that outline potential career paths for LAS majors.  As you will find when you dive further, there are many different paths you can take with each liberal arts and sciences major.  Consider how various career titles and career industry clusters appeal to your interests and discover skills you want to build further in your major and beyond.


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Career Snaps are snapshot introduction resource pages that invite you to explore a list of career titles and consider what peaks your initial interest and curiosity. Each Career Snap features an LAS major and a highlighted list of career titles related to each major and career paths that other students have pursued with the same major you are studying. Keep in mind that career paths highlighted can vary in terms of required experience, education, and certification.  Use these resources below as a starting point to make marks, research, and continue with your career exploration!

Looking for More on Majors and Career Paths? Heading link

CHECK IT OUT! Visit which allows you to type in majors to a database to review related careers to each major, watch videos, and read other helpful information!

Visit What Can I Do With This Major? to learn how to connect majors to careers. This resource is produced by the University of Tennessee Center for Career Development.


Keep Exploring!