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UIC offers the highest level of professional education and instruction in the study and practice of chemistry. Strong research programs in biochemistry, analytical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, and physical chemistry mean that students can engage in independent study that is at the cutting edge of science. Research in the department of chemistry is currently supported by grants from the National Institute of Health (NIH), National Science Foundation (NSF), the US Army, the American Chemical Society, and many others.

Our Bachelor of Science in Chemistry degree program is accredited by the American Chemical Society and designed to prepare students for a professional career in chemistry. The Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Chemistry is designed to prepare students for a variety of career choices, including professional programs in dentistry, medicine, and pharmacy, as well as positions in industry and government that require a background in chemistry.

See how other students found their fit below with this major!


Alumni Highlights Heading link

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Below is a sample of how UIC alumni have applied their Chemistry major to a professional path!

  • Business Analyst, The Alinea Group
  • Consumer Marketing Project Coordinator, 3Com
  • Director, Regulatory Affairs, Abbott
  • Environmental Specialist I, Atwell Group
  • General Manager, Waste Recovery Solutions
  • Pediatric Pulmonologist, Advocate Medical Group
  • Pharmacist, Rush University Medical Center
  • Program Coordinator, Community and Economic Development Association of Cook County (CEDA)
  • Research Scientist/Senior Laboratory Manager, Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University
  • Sr. Quality Assurance Manager, Karlin Foods

Unique Skills and Competencies Heading link

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In addition to the foundational set of skills and competencies you will acquire in any liberal arts and science major, there are also unique skills and perspectives you gain from your chemistry major. Review the list below to learn more:

  • Critical thinking and analysis skills
  • Creative problem-solving skills
  • Skills in data management and interpretation
  • Written and verbal communication skills
  • Research and laboratory skills related to the chemical sciences
  • Technical application of various spectrophotometers and purification methods for isolating compounds
  • Ability to work independently and collaboratively

Industry Clusters Heading link

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There are many work place settings, industries, and career areas in which you can apply your major based on your professional interests. Below is a sample list of industry clusters that other chemistry majors have transitioned into. What type of setting or career focus appeals to you?

  • Business, Sales, and Entrepreneurship
  • Cosmetic Industry
  • Cultural and Museum Studies
  • Education
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Food Industry
  • Government, International Affairs, and Public Service
  • Healthcare and Wellness
  • Law
  • Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical Labs, Research, and Development
  • Writing and Editing

Chemistry Advising Webinar

Meet Dylan Tabang! Heading link

“Studying and performing chemistry is both a physical and mental dance. Before a reaction or measurement can be done, thought and work needs to be put in to make sure things go smoothly and safely. Being a chemistry major has definitely improved my multitasking as well as my communication.  A chemistry major really teaches you about three steps in science: design an experiment, carry it out, and communicate what broader significance your work has to others.”

Learn more of how Dylan found his fit with Chemistry!

Meet Rachel Lang! Heading link

“Both Chemistry and Psychology are fun for me because I enjoy understanding how chemicals as well as people behave. Being sciences, each offer problems that can be solved or understood by recognizing patterns in data.  I’m currently interning at a chemical company where I get to investigate the structure and property relationships of different surfactants.”



Learn more of how Rachel found her fit with Chemistry!

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