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Biological Sciences

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Medical and scientific innovation continue to drive biology into new and exciting directions and UIC at the forefront of the movement! LAS ensures that students are poised to take advantage of these emerging possibilities. Biological sciences is one of five natural science departments in LAS with study options in all major areas of biology, including molecular, cellular, and developmental biology; neuroscience; ecology; and evolution. We have more than 2,000 biology majors and 70 neuroscience majors and, co-teach—along with the department of chemistry—over 400 biochemistry majors.

Students interested in biological sciences can choose from three options. Our Major in Biological Sciences includes a broad liberal arts education with a deeper dive in biological sciences. Our BS in Neuroscience offers a life sciences program, focused more on neuroscience. Our Major in Integrated Health Studies offers a broad liberal arts education with an emphasis on health sciences. Three Biological Science concentrations are available: General Biology; Molecular, Cellular, and Organismal Biology; and Evolution, Ecology, and Environmental Biology.

Our advising team helps students find the best path of study to reach their long-term goals.

See how other students found their fit below with this major!

Alumni Highlights Heading link

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Below is a sample of how UIC alumni have applied their biological sciences major to a professional path!

  • Education Resource Associate, American College of Surgeons
  • Emergency Medical Technician, Elgin Community College
  • Manager of Interpreter Services, Rush University Medical Center
  • Medical Information Manager, Pfizer
  • Medical Technologist, Microbiology Laboratory, Northwestern Memorial Hospital
  • Phlebotomist, Swedish Covenant Hospital
  • Practice Manager, Little Company of Mary Hospital
  • Quality Specialist, AbbVie
  • Research Technologist II, University of Illinois Chicago
  • Surgical Registration Specialist, Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital

Unique Skills and Competencies Heading link

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In addition to the foundational set of skills and competencies you will acquire in any liberal arts and science major, there are also unique skills and perspectives you gain from your biological sciences major. Review the list below to learn more:

  • Collect, access, and analyze complex or small sets of biological data to infer patterns or conclusions
  • Use scientific and statistical methods to quantitatively test hypotheses and draw conclusions from various sources of data while dealing with uncertainty
  • Apply scientific knowledge by locating, understanding, evaluating, and reviewing scientific information from primary and popular sources to guide evidence-based decision-making
  • Understand that the biological enterprise has broad scientific, cultural, and ethical implications on society
  • Communicate biological information in its context both orally and in writing
  • Ability to work in teams and share expertise while demonstrating that biology is an integrative discipline

Industry Clusters Heading link

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There are many workplace settings and industries in which you can apply your major based on your professional interests. Below is a sample list of industry clusters that other Biological Sciences majors have transitioned into. What type of setting or career focus appeals to you?

  • Arts, Media, and Communications
  • Biotechnology
  • Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Education
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Environment Conservation and Management
  • Government, International Affairs, and Public Service
  • Healthcare, Public Health, and Wellness
  • Law and Legal Services
  • Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations
  • Science and Research
  • Social Services

Biological Sciences Advising Webinar

Meet Sarah Khoury! Heading link

“Whenever I study for my biology classes, it never feels like studying. I genuinely enjoy learning about the topics. I always catch myself wondering about unanswered questions in biology and topics of research, even on summer days. I think that’s what makes this major work for me.  I constantly get to ask questions about the world around me and scientifically explain the answers.”

Learn more of how Sarah found her fit with Biological Sciences!

Meet George Ilenikhena! Heading link

“I decided to pursue dual degrees in Biological Sciences and General Psychology to merge two of my interests: science and connecting with people. Majoring in Biological Sciences has given me the opportunity to explore various facets of science and scientific discovery.  Majoring in Psychology has given me a deeper understanding of human behavior and the principles governing human interaction.”

Learn more of how George found his fit with Biological Sciences!

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